The good news is that help is available. While every child is different and treatment options vary, a growing number of physicians and researchers are turning their attention to PANDAS/PANS. Our hope is that access to medical providers willing to treat children within our community will become easier as awareness grows.

There are several great websites offering support on a variety of topics related to PANDAS/PANS. Members of this group and many within the greater PANDAS/PANS parent community have expressed a willingness to share their stories and provide support.


Pandas Network (  A non-profit organization that working  to raise awareness of PANDAS and PANS with a goal of improving the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.  On the website you will find a wide variety of resources including treatment options, physician referrals and links to current research and advocacy opportunities.


National Institute of Mental Health (


International OCD Foundation (

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Chesterfield, MO 63006-0513